I have no new weapons, so here are pictures of people who do!

Well, Polycount is here. OH GOD VALVE YOU DUN GOOF’D THIS ONE! With the Mann Co. store open for business, you can be 100% sure that dumb people will spend the price of a game on the new Polycount sets. As you may have guessed from my masterfully cryptic title, Valve’s random drop system has bestowed its wisdom upon me, giving me Backburners instead of the Holy Mackerel I so desperately want. I have learned to live with Valve’s hatred of me, and the hundreds of dollars I have given to them through Steam.

However, even though some people may preach that the Mannconomy update is the end of TF2, and that Valve will shut down forever and Gabe will go homeless and Robin will rape puppies to make money, TF2 is exactly the same. The only difference is that some people have money. That’s right, the grand opening of the Mann Co. store is no reason to stop playing TF2, the game is still as addictive and awesome as before.

Hell, the update got me playing MUCH more (about 8.5 hours since Mannconomy , up from 0.0 the previous 2 weeks). It even made me a better player, at Soldier, anyway. Normally I hang around the middle of the scoreboard, whereas now I’m usually in the top 3 players, with scores from 40-50 in a normal length map. So no matter what you may think, Polycount is not the end. No, it’s just the beginning, my friends…


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