People are jerks, even you

With the release of The Social Network in the US (open here damnit!), I’ve been thinking about how often I use Facebook. Or to be more precise, how I do not. You see, I have a fairly small circle of friends because I subscribe to Yahtzee’s philosophy that a ‘Regular person = asshole.’  If I say, go see a movie, I would go see it with them. If one of them wasn’t there, I would tell them about the movie. Privately, not post it on Facebook(“lIkE iNcEpTiOn WaS sO kEwL”).  You see, I’m a big fan of the dying notion of privacy, where a man can do shit without other people knowing. Take, for example, petty crimes. Very small crimes like punching someone because they insulted you/your girlfriend or an underage having a sip of their parents wine at a party. “But Parson,” you say, “Such a smart and brilliant man as yourself would never put a picture of yourself punching another man on the internet!” That’s true, I say, but it’s not myself I have to worry about, it’s other people. Due to modern humans having a compulsive need to put everything they do online, someone would post it online.  For the whole fucking world to see (including Australia’s wonderful police force). Myself putting shit online? That’s a problem I don’t have. In my humble opinion, I don’t think some girl in my class at school need to know that I ‘had the bestest time everest’  (a real quote from my Facebook news feed) at god-knows-where. And frankly, I don’t give two shits about what said girl does. I’ll admit that the photo album feature may be useful, but fuck it, that’s what Flickr is for. Hell, even Photobucket has a photo album these days. Twitter has it’s uses, while I never use mine, it’s handy for companies to handle announcements and speak directly to their customer, like what Notch is doing. If I didn’t need Facebook to talk to 2-3 people about work, then I would get rid of it. Maybe I will anyway. Also Mark Zuckerberg is a grade A douche, but that’s for another time and place. 


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