What I sent to the future!

It’s 11:20PM, September 09, 2010. And Duke Nukem Forever is finally coming out. So, did it suck? Oh, oh the fuck cares, you guys are gonna be playing fucking Call of Duty 1241412 while the King remains a distant memory…

So how are you guys handling post-apocalyptia? I’m assuming that either:
A) You guys are chilling on the Citadel with Commander Shepard.
B) Living in a hell hole after a nuclear war in 2077.
And because I have no imagination (dem damn vidiyas), and the Citadel is BORING, I’m going with B. You are all fucked.
While I remember, I came across this on an internet site:”In 50,000 years, we’ll all be dead, and the only remains of us existing would be a few optimistic lines in an obsolete hunk of junk drifting down to a probably changed or abadoned planet, oblivious to the forgotten minds that had this idea.”Please, don’t forget me. Though I probably dun goof’d in life.
life in 2010 is pretty sweet, we have SILICON based processors, mine runs 2 cores at 2.6GHz. You can laugh, I’ll wait for you. I have a big ass haptic controller, I’m using Google Chrome 6 and I just watched Goldeneye. I own all 4 main Fallout games with the 5th on pre-order, there are only 9 Alien/Predator movies and we watch movies on screens.
“On account of the new planned KEO launching date (2010 /2011) and of the projected KEO manufacturing calendar, the closing date for collecting messages is scheduled for the end of 2009.”
Whatever jackass is reading this over at KEO, I’m gonna kill ya.
If this is till in the Future, thank you.



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