Blogs are for sissies: Why Minecraft is for Manly Men like Me!

There have been no posts from me in the last few days. No, not because of my usual ‘blogging is boring’ thing, although that did have something to do with it. No, I have been playing the MANLIEST, BESTEREST, MOST EXTEREST GAME IN EXISTERENCE! I’m playing…

LOOK AT THAT LOGO! IT’S SO BIG AND SHINY! Yes, Minecraft IS as awesome as the guys at the TF2 blog say it is. While the free version is a turd and a half, the full version has Survival mode, AKA. THE GREATEST SANDBOX GAME EVER MADE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER! Why is it so good? Because you can do ANYTHING! And not in the shitty Scribblenauts way of doing anything. I mean you can make mountains, cities, railways, castles and weird little fortresses like I make (as you can see in this highly outdated shot).

I just cannot understate the awesomeness of this game. It’s an interesting look into solitude. I know no other person will set foot in my little valley, but it doesn’t stop me from creating railway systems, GIANT FORTRESSES and even escape routes in case I have to run from imaginary bandits. It’s the ultimate in escapism, you could lose yourself for hours in here, dreaming up scenarios then planning for them. Hell, I’ve long abandoned my mine, ‘cept for supplies like steel, in order to build up my valley. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of the most original, accessible and lovable games ever made. If you don’t like it, you have no soul! Hitler had no soul, you’re not Hitler…are you?


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