Your freight train is the scene of the HURRRM.

So, I saw INCEPTION today. It. Was. Awesome. With Christopher Nolen directing, Leonardo Di Caprio starring (with lovely Ellen Page :3) and Hans Zimmer composing, how could it be anything other then amazing? If you haven’t seen it, run out RIGHT now. It’s this decade’s Blade Runner, it’s smart, thrilling and mind-bogglingly crazy. Nolen spent 10 years working on this, so make it worth his while. Go see it. You’ll regret it if you don’t! INCEPTION gets 10 HURRRRMS out of 10!

Good ol’ Toy Story, my whole childhood. Luckily, I saw Toy Story 3 at the Sydney IMAX theater. And it’s fucking awesome. Sad, funny and NOSTALIGA-GASMS ALL ROUND, all at the same time. Pixar’s best movie? Nope, that was UP, but this is a close second. Special props go out to Mr. Potato Head, for his great performance as food, and Woody for being a bro. Toy Story 3 gets 9 nostalgia-gasms out of 10!

Just Cause 2 is a fucking great time, ‘splosions, shitty voice acting and a massive open world make Just Cause 2 a very enjoyable, if repetitive action experience. While most of the missions you do for the 3 factions are the same, the 8 Agency missions take you to all corners of the ficional south east Asian country of Panau, while doing some awesome stuff, such as jumping between 3 massive skyscrapers while fighting ridiculously powerful enemies. Just Cause 2 gets 8 GOT ME WITH HIS WIRE THINGS out of 10!

And finally, the review I like to think all of you have been waiting for, Predators! It’s…alright. No where near as good as the original flick, but much better then of pile of shit known has Predator 2. Adrian Brodyquest redeems much of the movies flaws though (such as the terrible CGI Predator dogs and sky diving sequence), and it looks like Rodriguez has a sequel in mind, so hopefully that means another chance to get it right. The Predators still look Predatory and Brodyquest’s nose is still fucking huge. Predators gets 8 GET TO DA CHOPPAS out of 10!


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