6 Degrees of Hitler

So my custom Mass Effect mouse pad came today. Oh yeah, it’s sexy alright. Smells like a bitch though. Performance is great, much better then my desk was anyway.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I love BioWare. I just picked up Mass Effect 2, so I’ve been playing quite a lot, and my must say, while the writing isn’t as sharp as Dragon Age: Origin’s, I feel a closer bond between Shepard and Purple Bucket Head the I ever felt between My Warden and Leliana, even though Leliana was written much better. I’m guessing it’s something to do with Shepard having voice acting. Let’s hope BioWare combines the 2 aspects in Dragon Age 2. Something good has got to come out of Hawke, anyway.

Dragon Age has about 16’000 lines of dialogue. Now, that’s a lot of fucking words. Most movies have about 3’000-4’000 lines. I was surprised to hear that Oblivion has 20’000 lines (although that’s 20’000 lines of pure shit). I was even more surprised to hear that the upcoming Deus Ex sequel, Human Revolution is too include a whopping 200’000 lines. Holy fuck. That’s roughly 67 movies worth of dialogue. Now either DE:HR has more content that every movie you’ve ever seen, or “Ow!” is worth as much as “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

When it comes to quality over quantity, Valve struck gold with GLaDOS and her witty lines in the short but sweet Portal. Now that Portal 2 is on the way, we have more of her great lines to look forward too. First of all, a big FUCK YOU to Valve for premiering the trailer at the only press conference PC journalists wouldn’t of been at. Next, the game looks fucking awesome. Valve has been focusing on multi-player games as of late (read: past 3 years), so lets hope Gabe Corp. can pull another meaty single player game of of Gabe’s bowels.

Now, it’s a wonder why Valve is advertising Modern Warfare 2’s game priced DLC (hint: it starts with M, and everyone in Killing Floor loves it). I pride my self on not having bought a single bit of multiplayer DLC (My AvP Swarm Map pack came with my retail edition), so why this sells at all is a mystery to me.


Yes, this was a waste of my time, and a waste of yours.


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