IT’S ALIVE! (Alien Swarm and other strange things)


Yes, after a long absence, the King has returned (sorry Duke fans, not that king). Now, I actually have some shit to talk about. ACT SURPRISED!

First up, Valve’s new game Alien Swarm. At the time of writing I’m almost level 17, and let me tell you, it’s well worth the ‘whopping’ 2GB download. If you’re dumb/lazy, Alien Swarm is a Source powered top down shooter with a Call of Duty-esque rank/unlock system. Unlike CoD though, all the unlocks are useful. Well, most of them anyway. I’ve completed the one and ONLY campaign to come with the game (Jacob’s Rest). Unfortunately, you only earn EXP on official maps, so you can’t rank up hunting bugs on the cs_office remake, and while the game has multiple difficulty levels (not pussy HL2 difficulty changes, they’re big, manly changes),  the lack of an AID system hurts the replay values. Come on Valve, the AID is just sitting in the L4D Versus code doing jack shit, give the poor guy a job.

A few of you may know I’m doing Livestreaming. Not much to talk about right now, though I do have a little rant about Borderlands on there. Go check it out, who knows, I MAY BE STREAMING SOMETHING NOW!

After getting/looking at/forgetting Photoshop CS4, I’ve been playing around with Paint.NET. They’re the little guys, but it’s a damn good little guy. Like a midget who does karate. You will undoubtedly have seen my new sig on the Falcon Army forums (FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME, IT’S THE EXACT SAME SIZE AS MY SAXTON HALE SIG), but I’ve shown two or three of you my vidiya wallpaper, featuring a guy from Metro 2033 and a guy from Modern Warfare 2. What to those games have in common? They’re both in the included wallpaper! More coming soon. Click for awesome 1920×1080!

If you were expecting an EPIC return post, go look elsewhere. For everyone else, see you soon!


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