Keep Rollin, It’s Alright, Keep Ridin, The Midnight Ride.

If there’s one thing that makes me sad, it’s that people underestimate who are proberly one of the greatest bands of all time. But they’re fictional, so they can’t be a band, right? Wrong.  The Midnight Riders have written and performed 4 great songs, which is more than the number of good Justin Bieber songs (read: 0). And if Justin Cunt can be a ‘good’ singer, then the Midnight Riders can be a fucking great band. It doesn’t matter if the world was first introduced to the Midnight Riders in Dark Carnival, the songs are great, and that’s what matters. Hell, if played right, The Midnight Riders could become the greatest viral in history. Valve already has a Midnight Riders T-shirt in their store that has no reference to Left 4 Dead 2, except for the location of Whispering Oaks, but that has no attention drawn to it. I would have bought it if I wasn’t planning to cosplay as Ellis at SuperNova (yes, there will be pics).

But surely, if the Midnight Riders were any good, a recording studio would of picked them up, right? Well, when your songs get sent out to a game that’s sold over 3 million copies, that’s pretty damn impressive. Plus they work at Valve, one of the best jobs ever. Don’t believe me? Then use Google dumbass. So sit back, relax, and shoot zombies while listening to one of the best things to ever come out of a video game. And buy Left 4 Dead 2, you cheapass.


4 responses to “Keep Rollin, It’s Alright, Keep Ridin, The Midnight Ride.

  1. Completely agree. If you don’t own L4D2 by now, what are you doing here?! go and buy it!

    “One Bad Man” should win some freaking award or something…”With a Suitcase Full of Pistols and Money……”

  2. Heh, I love the suitcase full of pistols and money in The Passing.

  3. Money money money… IT’S RAINING MONEY!

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