A New Decade – Now it gets interesting.

2010. Holy fuck. I remember going to the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. 10 years later, and I’m a socially regressed human/computer hybrid. But there’s no rest for the wicked, and over my 2 week break, I’ve been thinking about how to turn this blog into a forum worthy of the 21.1st century. ‘But Mr. Marine,’ you say, ‘You’re full of yourself. You can never turn you into a successful forum.’ Well, if that slut Hilton can become famous, then I think a fairly smart person like me can make a decent forum. With that out, here is a step by step guide on how I plan to do it.

First, I need people for the forum. If you’re reading this page, put a comment below. I don’t give a shit what it says, just dump one in there. I need an accurate picture of how many people are reading. Don’t forget, tell your friends about me. Hell, tell everyone about me.

Next, I need people to work on the blog and site. If you’re an artist or CSS coder looking a an unpaid job, contact me at mistermarine[at]live[.]com

Then, I need a forum. I’ve been thinking of vBulletin, but if you can think of a better one, give me an email.

That about does it, man, it looks so much easier on paper. I’ve also been thinking about other things, but most of it is wishful thinking that I don’t wanna put on the net.

With the focus on the community and not just me AND MY PAL(S) WHO HAVE YET TO WRITE ANYTHING! THE FUCKERS! The blog is getting a name change. Welcome to THE BUNKER! Enjoy your stay while the bombs drop.


7 responses to “A New Decade – Now it gets interesting.

  1. I’m awesome

  2. What about me?

  3. i am most disappointed with my avatar ——>

    How do i change it? Or is it beyond my control? :|

  4. You need to make a proper account.

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