F-GEN recap: Paid scripts, tool creation and MORE!

At long last, the F-GEN beta is out. If we put aside the lack of documentation, it’s an amazing success. But what’s instore for F-GEN? The full release and beyond? Here are just some things that the future has in store for us, straight from the big cheese himself, Tom Anderson.

EDITORS NOTE: I have edited the chat to sound more formal. If enough people want it, I can upload the raw chatlog here.

Mr. Marine: Will N VeNT have an intergrated script browser?

Tom: We definitely have lots of room to make new tools. Bill is going to put in a tool (pixel reader) and show that as an example on how to add other tools.

Mr. Marine: So the user will be able to make new tools?

Tom: I think more and more people will be looking at it, and adding more stuff into it. They [the user] can now, we just haven’t documented it. That was part of the delay – getting a more robust tool integration strategy in.

Mr. Marine: Will an improved documentation be released anytime soon?

Tom: Bill might do it before Chirstmas. One of the main programmers we need help on the documentation is out now – already stole a couple of his vacation days finishing up.

Mr. Marine: With the community focused scripting, how will script grading (Bronze, Silver and Gold) work? Will hand-picked moderators grade or will the community self-regulate the grades?

Tom: John, Bill and I will evaluate.  We’re also planning to do an iTunes like store, like the iPhone has, where people can sell their stuff or give it away, at their choice.

Mr. Marine: Payed scripts, sounds interesting.

Tom: Yeah, if people want to. 1.99, 2.99 – that type of thing. Good for regular users too, as it tends to create more drivers.

Mr. Marine: And competition

Tom: Yeah, and we’ll implement a user ranking system.

Mr. Marine: Would a ‘Donate’ button be part of the store or would users have to sort that out of themselves?  Dwarf Fortress alone makes $10’000 a year through donations.

Tom:  Yeah, we could look into that too.

Mr. Marine: With such things as ‘The Facepunch Falcon,’ will you do things like that with other communities?

Tom: I think we’ll do the same thing across many different communities.

Mr. Marine: Well, I’m gonna leave you in peace. Have fun.

Tom: Thanks, later.

So, the Falcon, F-GEN and the related community site will have:

– Paid scripts

– Tool creation documentation, users can already create tools, it just not documented.

– Tom, Bill and John will grade ALL scripts

– More communites will get special Falcon bundles.


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