Nothing’s more boring then typing a review, but you guys expect me to do them. So what’s a marine to do? I give you greedy fucks a PREVIEW of what one of my REVIEWS would be like. Hence forth, it shall be bestowed the title of REVIEW PREVIEW. Now, Majesty 2.

And now I will expertly explain the above screen shots. First you get the main menu, for this review preview I’m being lazy and doing mission select instead of the campaign. So you start with your castle and towers and shit, so you build out, I was unlucky and built my Archer thingamabob next to the enemies Archer thingamabob, THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN! So, while I was dealing with them, a troll, or an ogre or something comes and decides to buttfuck me. My advisor says I should go see some witch down south, so I send some loyal heroes down south. So while I’m weaker, the red team destroy my market place. And that point, I was like FUCK IT and clicked ‘Exit to Windows.’ So I guess Campaign > Mission Select.

Majesty 2 gets a firm, hard 8/10. Easily worth the $10 I got it for. Wouldn’t pay the normal $40 though.

Want a game REVIEW PREVIEW’D? Send me an email at the_parson[YOUKNOWWHATGOESHERE]live[dod]co[dud]uk


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